Public funding of Parliaments in Europe: financial autonomy under discussion

This meeting on Comparative Public Finance Law represents an opportunity to exchange ideas on an essential issue which is particularly topical.

The discussion will be enhanced by the experience of ten European countries (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, United Kingdom) and by study of the rules governing the status of the elected and non-elected members of the Parliaments in those countries and particularly in the EU Parliament.

Two speakers will in tandem present the experience of each state: a professor-researcher and a recognised specialist on the topic in the state being studied. This arrangement is intended to make it easier to describe the actual legislative situation in each country and "translate" that situation as accurately as possible. Some contributions will be made by elected and non-elected members of the national Parliaments of the different states studied in the Symposium – and of the European Parliament – as well as by Members of the European Court of Auditors.  

Die Simultanübersetzung ins Französische und Englische ist gewährleistet.

Hier unten finden Sie das Programm und die Liste der Redner