Konferenz "Financing the integrated development of rural areas"

Proposal for a cross-funding initiative for rural development to support the European Rural Agenda

A goal that lies at the heart of the need for social, economic and territorial cohesion: the EU budget in perspective

Among the many challenges facing the European Union in the future, better territorial balance is naturally one of the main concerns for local and regional authorities, which note that:

  • the 7th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion in Europe still shows a significant development lag between urban and rural areas;
  • poverty is more pronounced in rural areas than in urban areas;
  • the sense of abandonment in rural areas translates into growing euroscepticism in these areas.

The European Committee of the Regions and the Rurality-Environment-Development network feel that genuine commitments need to be made regarding the development ofrural areas in Europe, which is why they are dedicating a conference to the issue of fundingfor future development policy.

How should we fund development policy in rural areas so that they can continue to contribute effectively to the EU's ambitions?

An event co-organised by the European Committee of the Regions' NAT commission and the Rurality-Environment-Development network